Swiss Kitchens

Swiss Kitchens are now available in Canberra and surrounding region

Swiss Kitchens
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Swiss Quality Kitchens by Oppikofer Joinery

Our brand image is a more accurate visual representation of our values.

It reflects our proud Swiss heritage and where our quality craftsmanship comes from.

Swiss Kitchens is so easy to pronounce and to remember too!

'First aid' for your KITCHEN & all other cabinets 

 The 'Australian First Aid' Logo typically features a red background with a white cross. We can help, and make them to stunning functional cabinets. 

Licensed for ACT & NSW

First we are fully licensed for Australian Capital Territory.

Second we went a step further: For our NSW kitchen installations:

  • As per NSW Government Legislation:

The NSW Government has checked our craftsmanship qualifications and we have got the Contractor Licence; number 268960C

  • Also the NSW Government has checked our past 3 years full financials.

Oppikofer Joinery can now provide the mandatory Home Warranty Insurance to consumers when entering into kitchen contracts of $20,000 or more.


These are things, which the ACT Government does not check!

That means you as ACT client do not know who is unqualified, unexperienced and financially not capable!